Sunday, 13 March 2011

Why am I supposed to be Justin Bieber's Friend?! & Dhustin (My 4th story)WARNING:IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME DONT READ THIS!!!

Sometimes,I live in Atlanta,GA.But now Im leaving in Kuala Lumpur...My Atlanta house is more bigger than the KL house.Then when I live there,I have hanging out with my dream boyfriend!!!!!!

JUSTINBIEBER of course!Idk why Iam supposed to be his BFF.Hes a lil bit of horny sometimes.I have kissed him just like of 20something times....

But I terpaksa friends with him.Actually,we have been friends for 3 years or 2.IM NOT LYING!!!!IM SERIOUS!!!!!IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME,DONT READ THIS!!!!!

So lets get back to the story.He looks happy everyday.or me hes the 1st BFF that I have in my life.He was 14.Yeah.....Very long time right?Hehehe......We were acting like brothers & sisters all the time too.We were just almost like couples but FAIL.FAIL FAIL FAIL all the time!But its halarious!!!

So there you go Dhia+Justin=Dustin...The Dustin stuffs revealed in my family.Im famous abit.Im acting like tomboys but I have tried to be a girly but I have made it....My mom likes Bieber alot.
People called me in Atlanta is......Dustin...Hate it!!!Why people mocked me?!Yea sometimes people are rude.Sometimes not...We just having a simple life.So.I dont know what to do so..PAYCE!


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