Saturday, 26 March 2011

NEW UPDATE & Its weekend!!!!(My 11th story)

      Hey guys!So this is my new update.Im have been busy this week.But today is the weekend!!!I love weekend!Do you wanna know what Im doing in weekends?

1.Playing Habbo or Habbon.
Hahaha.......The logo of Habbo/Habboon

2.Online with Facebook

3.Hanging status with Twitter
4.Be a Blogger!
5.And lastly,YouTube!Im a Youtuber...
So that is my weekend routine.Hah......Its to much LAPTOP.Im a LapTop addict.Not like Justin Bieber.Hah.So bye.I dont know what I do wanna talk about ok?BYE


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Why am I supposed to be Justin Bieber's Friend?! & Dhustin (My 4th story)WARNING:IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME DONT READ THIS!!!

Sometimes,I live in Atlanta,GA.But now Im leaving in Kuala Lumpur...My Atlanta house is more bigger than the KL house.Then when I live there,I have hanging out with my dream boyfriend!!!!!!

JUSTINBIEBER of course!Idk why Iam supposed to be his BFF.Hes a lil bit of horny sometimes.I have kissed him just like of 20something times....

But I terpaksa friends with him.Actually,we have been friends for 3 years or 2.IM NOT LYING!!!!IM SERIOUS!!!!!IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME,DONT READ THIS!!!!!

So lets get back to the story.He looks happy everyday.or me hes the 1st BFF that I have in my life.He was 14.Yeah.....Very long time right?Hehehe......We were acting like brothers & sisters all the time too.We were just almost like couples but FAIL.FAIL FAIL FAIL all the time!But its halarious!!!

So there you go Dhia+Justin=Dustin...The Dustin stuffs revealed in my family.Im famous abit.Im acting like tomboys but I have tried to be a girly but I have made it....My mom likes Bieber alot.
People called me in Atlanta is......Dustin...Hate it!!!Why people mocked me?!Yea sometimes people are rude.Sometimes not...We just having a simple life.So.I dont know what to do so..PAYCE!


My peoples!


Me & My Cousins

My 3rd story (My Best Friend Ever I Had In My Life)

Hey!Its Dhia's comin!Today I want to tell you about my BEST FRIEND EVER I had in my life.Her name is Shazana Shaharuddin.Shes the tiniest girl in my class.Wanna see her pic?TADDAA!Here it is:

Is she cute?Isnt it?Shes Justin's best friend too.Shes the same age of me!Shes nice,kind & cute.She is the biggest fan of Yuna.And shes the biggest fan of my story 'In Atlanta'!Cause shes my character in my story.Shes too exited for this.Shes just like my sister.We were act like sisters all the time.

Sometimes we fight.We both hugging together.Yeah!Cause Im single.I dont have a boyfriend.So I have Shazana only to hug.Shes the only one that loves me in my life.I dont know how long our lifes is...I think we will be together forever.


My 2nd story (My dream boyfriend & Jelena)

My Prince Charming...
Hes name is Justin Drew Bieber.17 years old.We are true BFF's.Hes having Selena Gomez in his only heart.He is the oldest brother in the 3 siblings.The bro & sis is Jazmyn &Jaxon...(i guess)Hahaha!They were all J's ended with N's.I love him too much cause hes perfect.Cute,Sexy,Brave...(Maybe...).Hes funny like a clown!!!I totally laughed when hes doing his funny things!!!LOL!I love his voice.I memorize all his songs!!My mom says hes to perfect for me but...Were far away...Even tough hes having a girlfriend....Im not jealous of Jelena!I still support Jelena &Dustin.I just shed a tear for support them.They were to happily ever after.I think he knows that Im jealous.Even he has a new talent!ACTING!Hes having hes own commercial's,storys...Hes popular when hes acting in CSI...Hes character is Jason McCann.Hes having a YouTube channel.Kidrauhl.Hes twitter is @justinbieber.Umm...I didnt know what to say now.So.Payce
We were looking at eachother.LOL!!!!

My 1st story (My Life)

Hi,Everyone!My name is Dhia.People call me Dhia,Dhia Bieber,Dhia Biebs,Qistina,Lil'Sleazy,TomBoyy,or Awek Bieber.
Im 16 (Umm......Err......Ehehe). I love writing storys and playing my only laptop.This pepatah inspires me:Menipu lama-lama mencuri.I love to lie peoples.I love to prank.PROOF!I'm A true BELIEBER!I <3 JUSTINBIEBER too much!!!!!!!!!!!Hes cute.This is the surprise:

Ehehe...Actually,this is the pic that I have edited long time ago....Bout 1 year ago...I have a talent!Dancing & acting...I love singing a lil bit!Some people say to me that im pretty.But you are more prettier than me!

This nightmare comes to me.My worst nightmare is.....HAVING SEX WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!Eww...Is that blowed your mind?And I was like "Oh yeah.......Do it again...."YUCKS!!!!My mom says Justin Bieber is her 'Lil Baby'.Actually,Justin is my petbro.I love him so much like he was my husband.Hahahahaha....But Im not married!!!Im 16 ok?!(hehehe).The story I have writed is:'I Want To Give A Chocolate Bar To Her' and 'In Atlanta'.The 'In Atlanta' story inspires me.

So.If you want to know more bout me,read all my story!Payce!