Saturday, 26 March 2011

NEW UPDATE & Its weekend!!!!(My 11th story)

      Hey guys!So this is my new update.Im have been busy this week.But today is the weekend!!!I love weekend!Do you wanna know what Im doing in weekends?

1.Playing Habbo or Habbon.
Hahaha.......The logo of Habbo/Habboon

2.Online with Facebook

3.Hanging status with Twitter
4.Be a Blogger!
5.And lastly,YouTube!Im a Youtuber...
So that is my weekend routine.Hah......Its to much LAPTOP.Im a LapTop addict.Not like Justin Bieber.Hah.So bye.I dont know what I do wanna talk about ok?BYE



  1. Salam, my dear.
    You forgot to add one thing in your weekends' list; STUDY, STUDY & STUDY. Dont forget that. U r still a student and i want u to study hard. Next year, it's gonna be a bit hard for you coz me and ur dad have planned series of tuition for u, hehehe. Just wait & see lorrr....bye bye my baby dhia. we love u soooo much!

  2. OMG.............I knowwwwwwwwwwww...Huek uhek uhek.....