Sunday, 13 March 2011

My 2nd story (My dream boyfriend & Jelena)

My Prince Charming...
Hes name is Justin Drew Bieber.17 years old.We are true BFF's.Hes having Selena Gomez in his only heart.He is the oldest brother in the 3 siblings.The bro & sis is Jazmyn &Jaxon...(i guess)Hahaha!They were all J's ended with N's.I love him too much cause hes perfect.Cute,Sexy,Brave...(Maybe...).Hes funny like a clown!!!I totally laughed when hes doing his funny things!!!LOL!I love his voice.I memorize all his songs!!My mom says hes to perfect for me but...Were far away...Even tough hes having a girlfriend....Im not jealous of Jelena!I still support Jelena &Dustin.I just shed a tear for support them.They were to happily ever after.I think he knows that Im jealous.Even he has a new talent!ACTING!Hes having hes own commercial's,storys...Hes popular when hes acting in CSI...Hes character is Jason McCann.Hes having a YouTube channel.Kidrauhl.Hes twitter is @justinbieber.Umm...I didnt know what to say now.So.Payce
We were looking at eachother.LOL!!!!

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