Sunday, 13 March 2011

My 1st story (My Life)

Hi,Everyone!My name is Dhia.People call me Dhia,Dhia Bieber,Dhia Biebs,Qistina,Lil'Sleazy,TomBoyy,or Awek Bieber.
Im 16 (Umm......Err......Ehehe). I love writing storys and playing my only laptop.This pepatah inspires me:Menipu lama-lama mencuri.I love to lie peoples.I love to prank.PROOF!I'm A true BELIEBER!I <3 JUSTINBIEBER too much!!!!!!!!!!!Hes cute.This is the surprise:

Ehehe...Actually,this is the pic that I have edited long time ago....Bout 1 year ago...I have a talent!Dancing & acting...I love singing a lil bit!Some people say to me that im pretty.But you are more prettier than me!

This nightmare comes to me.My worst nightmare is.....HAVING SEX WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!Eww...Is that blowed your mind?And I was like "Oh yeah.......Do it again...."YUCKS!!!!My mom says Justin Bieber is her 'Lil Baby'.Actually,Justin is my petbro.I love him so much like he was my husband.Hahahahaha....But Im not married!!!Im 16 ok?!(hehehe).The story I have writed is:'I Want To Give A Chocolate Bar To Her' and 'In Atlanta'.The 'In Atlanta' story inspires me.

So.If you want to know more bout me,read all my story!Payce!


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