Sunday, 13 March 2011

My 3rd story (My Best Friend Ever I Had In My Life)

Hey!Its Dhia's comin!Today I want to tell you about my BEST FRIEND EVER I had in my life.Her name is Shazana Shaharuddin.Shes the tiniest girl in my class.Wanna see her pic?TADDAA!Here it is:

Is she cute?Isnt it?Shes Justin's best friend too.Shes the same age of me!Shes nice,kind & cute.She is the biggest fan of Yuna.And shes the biggest fan of my story 'In Atlanta'!Cause shes my character in my story.Shes too exited for this.Shes just like my sister.We were act like sisters all the time.

Sometimes we fight.We both hugging together.Yeah!Cause Im single.I dont have a boyfriend.So I have Shazana only to hug.Shes the only one that loves me in my life.I dont know how long our lifes is...I think we will be together forever.


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  1. auuuw...sooo cute both of you. I like when u say that u love ur best friend ever, shazana. May Allah bless you both in life....and live happily ever after, aminnnn.